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SnapshotCM Product Documentation

Evaluation Documents:
Introduction to SnapshotCM
An introduction to the objects, operations and development models of SnapshotCM.
High-level Overview
The SnapshotCM software configuration management (SCM) solution is built on solid concepts and proven technologies that enable you to focus on your product rather than your CM tool. Get your work done with SnapshotCM.
Technical Concepts
Advanced concepts that simplify SCM operations.
The SnapshotCM Server and Database
System requirements for the SnapshotCM server and database.
SnapshotCM Definitions
SnapshotCM terminology and objects.
User Documents:
User Guide
Discusses user login authentication, file content merging, text file end of line handling, and other issues relevant to users.
Keyword Expansions
Description of the keyword expansions supported by SnapshotCM.
The Command-Line Clients
Uniform, scriptable access from multiple platforms.
Getting Started with SnapshotCM
Two page document with command-line quick reference.
Administration Documents:
Administration Guide
Guide to installation, configuration, backup, security and licensing.
Migration Guide
Guide to migrating from other version control systems into SnapshotCM.