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SnapshotCM Customer Testimonials

Below are excerpts from several letters received from customers regarding SnapshotCM. To receive complete copies of the originals of these letters, send your FAX number to

Easy and Fast

We just went through our first release process with SnapshotCM today. Everything went well, and the complete process took about 1hr, 15min. This includes a couple of builds, and an Araxis compare. The equivalent process with our previous CM tool was usually about 2 days for us.

The longest SnapshotCM things were on the order of 4 minutes (pull down the baseline and promote both were in the 3 minutes plus). This is way better than our previous CM tool.

Great Product,

Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Short Quotes

With SnapshotCM, we can develop multiple code trees in parallel and merge changes between development threads easily, usually with just a few mouse clicks.

After seeing a demo of SnapshotCM, we were impressed by the ease-of-use.

SnapshotCM is a very intuitive tool, easy to pick up. It is also easy to set up and we do very little administration.

We recently switched to SnapshotCM and our productivity has increased significantly. Developers can keep their source up to date with a minimum of effort, so no one is working with old code.

SnapshotCM does everything we need it to easily, quickly, efficiently and unobtrusively. It is a very low overhead product that simply works well.

I really appreciate that SnapshotCM is easy to setup and to administer. We do not need someone dedicated to administrating the tool.

SnapshotCM is easy to learn; the concept of a snapshot is easy to grasp.

Quotes from on-line Forums

Branching and merging is no problem for our team since we have started using SnapshotCM.

SnapshotCM has many advantages over subversion. Best feature of all is that it uses a ‘tree-like’ graph to represent all of your relationships between trunks.

Improved Productivity

We recently replaced our Development Team's source control software with SnapshotCM and our productivity has increased significantly. Developers can keep their source up to date with a minimum of effort, so no one is working with old code. Changes to our source code are now easily visible, contributing to improved quality, particularly in code reviews.

The administrative effort required to maintain SnapshotCM is low, allowing us to concentrate on creativity.

When we have needed help, support from True Blue Software has been excellent, even though we’re on the other side of the world.

A great product that helps us to deliver great products, quickly, reliably and efficiently.

Toni Cardinali
Team Leader
CellTracker Limited
Bedfordshire, England

Excellent Performance

We have been using SnapshotCM for over a year and we are very pleased with the performance received. We do not need a 'small village' to administer the tool and the support is superb. In the rare occasions when we need to contact your company for support, we get an answer withing 24 hours, and, in most cases, within a couple of hours.

Thanks for a very powerful product.

Jesús Borrego
Quality Engineer
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Multi-site Development

I have been using SnapshotCM for more than a year on multi-site, multi-programmer projects involving thousands of files and dozens of programmers. SnapshotCM's ability to work for both the command line based programmer and GUI based programmer has allowed us to use a single tool for all our source control needs.

The snapshot capability has been particularly useful in allowing programmers to work independently but at the same time integrate changes from other users on their own time frame.

SnapshotCM has been a very network friendly tool for programmers who are remote from the server as the SnapshotCM server and client are able to reduce the network utilization to minimal levels, allowing effective use for ISDN or DSL links. The release and snapshot technologies make it is so easy to use that our administrative overhead is limited to just a few minutes a week.

SnapshotCM has been a critical piece of our project development. The transparent support for distributed teams and near zero administrative overhead have been a productivity boost for our whole project. Coupled with the advanced revision and snapshot capabilities, the result is a configuration management tool that is far superior to other source control systems. I would recommend SnapshotCM for anyone who needs revision control or configuration management for his or her project.

Glenn R. Engel
Project Scientist
Snohomish, Washington

Low Overhead

SnapshotCM's snapshot model enables us to manage the complexity of our growing code base without sacrificing ease of use. The user interface is both intuitive and informative, making it easy for us to collaborate and keep everything up to date.

We are pleased to have such a capable, low-overhead tool that helps us spend more time focusing on our goals, and less on overhead.

Gary Ceely
Lead Engineer
Agilent Technologies
Loveland, Colorado

A Great Product

SnapshotCM has exceeded our expectations.

It does everything easily, quickly, efficiently and unobtrusively. It is a very low overhead product that simply works. We don't need dedicated staff to support and maintain it. SnapshotCM was incorporated into our environment without having to reinvent our processes or to add support personnel. We were up and running in a very short time.

Also, I can't say enough good things about the support and responsiveness of True Blue Software. They quickly respond to our support needs. In addition, they solicit our feedback for product improvements and we have seen many of our suggestions implemented in a very timely manner.

I am a very satisfied customer and heartily recommend SnapshotCM.

Timothy Bratten
Software Engineer
Hewlett-Packard Customer Support Research & Development
Fort Collins, Colorado