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SnapshotCM Product Info

What is it? SnapshotCM is a version control system.

What makes SnapshotCM different? Simply put, it's our focus on productivity. When we get the concepts and the tools right, you are more productive - you don't forget something, or do something you didn't mean too, and you don't wait on the tool. It just does what you intend—directly, understandably, and quickly.

Here are a few key ways we accelerate your productivity:

Visual Interactions - You interact with your projects using our visual, interactive interface. Whether you have a few files, or a large, multi-project system, SnapshotCM pulls everything into a product-level graph showing your product versions and how they relate to each other. What's more, you interact directly with the graph in branching and merging actions. View a one minute video showing an example product graph and how quickly you can branch and merge changes between branches using the graph. View one-minute video or learn more.

High-level View - Whether a single project (as in above video) or a large, multi-project or product-line system with several shared (reused) projects, SnapshotCM makes it easy. View one-minute video or learn more.

Task-oriented Focus - SnapshotCM's workspace shows developers what they want to see through powerful, live filters. Highly tuned to the tasks they care about, workspace filters show the files needing attention while automatically filtering those that don't, all based on user selected filters. See the workspace in action. View one-minute workspace video or learn more.

Team Orientation - SnapshotCM's team development provides another key differentiator. Through a structured development hierarchy, and our easy and visual merging, SnapshotCM makes it simple to balance the coordination teams require and the stability developers need. View team video or learn more.

The Bottom Line

SnapshotCM provides a fast and scalable version control solution for local or distributed teams, backed by personal, friendly and knowledgable people who care about helping you with your version control needs.

Check us out by taking advantage of our 200-user four-week license. Download your evaluation copy today.