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Brief Guide to Using SnapshotCM's Eclipse Plug-in

The SnapshotCM plug-in for Eclipse provides basic history, check in and check out support from within the Eclipse IDE.

Please consider this to be an alpha/beta release and report any plug-in related problems.

We also are looking into adding support for new/missing functionality. As you use the plug-in, please keep a list of missing/desired features, and after you've used it a bit, please send us your prioritized list. Your feedback is appreciated.

Supported Environments


  1. Copy the SnapshotCM plug-in into the Eclipse plugins directory.
  2. Remove any old copy of the SnapshotCM plug-in from the Eclipse plugins directory.
  3. Install a supported version of the SnapshotCM clients onto your system.
  4. Insure that the SnapshotCM bin directory is in the PATH environment variable during eclipse start up.
  5. Restart eclipse.
  6. To enable the plug-in, you need to do two things first:
    1. Create a SnapshotCM workspace mapping for the files in the Eclipse workspace you want to version control.
    2. Enable the plug-in, by selecting a project in the Package Explorer, select the project's Team -> Share Project menu, selecting SnapshotCM, then Next and Finish.


The SnapshotCM plug-in enables the following Eclipse Team functionality:

Locations Where SnapshotCM Plug-in Is Visible: