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cmarchive - export projects from and import archives into a SnapshotCM



cmarchive [-E] [-C #] [-V] [-d archiveDir] /ProjectPath
cmarchive [-I] [-C #] [-V] archiveDir


cmarchive exports a SnapshotCM project into an archive which can be imported back into the same or different SnapshotCM database. cmarchive operates directly upon the database files so the server(s) must not be running.

A cmarchive archive consists of a directory with a archive.xml file containing all project information except the file revision contents, and a revisions subdirectory containing the revision files.

The primary intent of cmarchive is to move a project to another SnapshotCM server. Archived projects can also be reimported into the same server.

Important Notes

At present, the archive format is not stable, so use of cmarchive for long-term archiving of old projects is not recommended.

cmarchive is only available by request.

We recommend backing up your database before importing into it, and running dbck after the import to validate the database before use. We also recommend that you validate the import into the new database before removing the project from your existing database.

The only permission needed to run cmarchive is operating system access to the database and archive files themselves.


Export a project from the database. The parameter is the full path name of the project to export. The database to export from must be in the current directory.
Import an archive into the database. The parameter is the name of the directory containing the archive.xml file. The database to import into must be in the current directory.
Set the size of the database memory cache. A larger cache generally results in better performance. Normally, the default need not be changed as memory for the cache is allocated only as needed.
Specify the directory in which to create the archive (the default is ProjectArchive). Each exported project is stored in a project-named subdirectory of the location specified.

An example may clarify this: If exporting the project /PROJ to ProjectArchive, the archive will be created in ProjectArchive/PROJ.

Print the internal version and exit.

Return Value

Exit status is 0 if the operation succeeded, 1 if there was an error performing the operation, and 2 if there was a bad option.


Export /PROJ into the C:\ARCHIVE directory:

cmarchive -E -d C:\ARCHIVE /PROJ

Import the archive from C:\ARCHIVE\PROJ into the database in the current directory:

cmarchive -I C:\ARCHIVE\PROJ

See Also

cmconfig(1) , dbck(1) .

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