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dbck - check a database for problems


dbck [-nrSVy] [-p#] [-D oldDomain newDomain]


dbck checks a SnapshotCM database for inconsistencies, and is also used to perform certain database maintenance tasks.

In normal checking mode, dbck prompts for permission to fix any problem it knows how to fix. Use -r or -y to suppress the prompt.

The only permission needed to run dbck is operating system access to the database and configuration files themselves.

It is also important that the server be stopped when dbck is running to avoid spurious errors. The only exception is if the server is put into read-only mode (see cmadmin lock and unlock operations) and dbck is invoked in read-only mode.


-D oldDomain newDomain
Edit the database to change the domain names stored in locks and trusted user patterns. Useful if the domain name for your site changes.
Suppress missing file messages. Useful when debugging a database outside its normal context.
Set the size of the database cache. The default is usually adequate.
Open the database in read-only mode. When in this mode, no problems are fixed, only reported.
Skip the first pass checking. Forces read-only mode.
Print the SnapshotCM version and exit.
Fix any problems without prompting.

Return Value

Exit status is 0 if the operation succeeded, 1 if there was an error performing the operation, and 2 if there was a bad option.


The database to check must be in the current directory.

See Also

cmadmin(1) , cmconfig(1)

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