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Release News

The current release is 1.84.2 (A.11.01) January 5, 2011. We recommend that all users running 1.84 or any 1.83 release, update to 1.84.1 or newer for best stability.

If you are already on 1.84.1, we hope the new features will entice you to update!

What's New

Faster workspace refresh: The GUI's workspace browser refresh performance improved dramatically after we implemented incremental file system reading. The benefits are most noticeable in very large workspaces where refresh times had been approaching 10 seconds for some users, but now are hardly noticable at a small fraction of a second. If you notice any significant delay during refresh today, you will want to update.

Discard inactive revisions: SnapshotCM now allows administrators to free space taken by old and inactive file revisions. See the In Depth article for more details. Requires 1.84.2 server and client.

Two server defects were also fixed: The background thread was not fully cleaning up removed items in larger databases. This has been fixed with the result that your effective database and repository size may shrink significantly within a few hours of installing the new server. The second fix affects file renaming in the presence of deleted directories of the same name as the target directory.

For more release details, see the Change List, or contact us.

Recommended Releases

The following releases are recommended:

If you are running any other release, we recommend that you update to the latest version that your license allows.

GUI on Linux

A few years back, we discussed running the Windows GUI on x86 Linux using the wine emulator. It worked then, but it wasn't pretty. Wine has improved significantly since then, and the SnapshotCM GUI on Linux now is very usable. I've updated the white paper for getting it set up.

For just a few minutes of time, you get a lot of benefit. I highly recommend that linux users give this a try.