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truecm - SnapshotCM Graphical User Interface


truecm [ localWorkspacePath ]


The truecm command starts the Windows graphical user interface.

If no parameters are passed, truecm will restart with its most recently saved state, which is saved whenever truecm exits.

A single local file name parameter is accepted, which, if a path within a SnapshotCM workspace, will cause SnapshotCM to start up with that workspace open in the workspace browser. The Project Browser, if the saved state indicates it is to be opened, will also be set to the snapshot associated with the selected workspace.

The localWorkspacePath may be a full or relative path. If the path is not within a workspace, then the workspace browser will not be opened.

See Also

cmaccount(1) , cmacl(1) , sscompare(1) , sscopy(1) , sscreate(1) , sslist(1) , sspromote(1) , ssremove(1) , ssrename(1) , ssupdate(1) , wci(1) , wco(1) , wdiff(1) , whist(1) , wls(1) , wmap(1) , wmerge(1) , wremove(1) , wrename(1) , wset(1) , wupdate(1) .

Table of Contents