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ssupdate - copy changes between snapshots


ssupdate [-hHost] [-nRV] [-sc] [-NwsName] [-qpl] [-y] [-Ssource-snapshot] [target-snapshot [path ...]]


ssupdate copies changes between snapshots. By default, all changes are copied to the named target-snapshot from its parent. The -S option allows a different source snapshot to be specified.

Options -s and -c limit copying to non-conflicting and conflict differences respectively.

Three prompting formats are available. The normal format is a one-line summary of which attributes are different. The long (-l) format shows the actual attribute differences (except for content). The short (-p) format shows only the paths of the files which are different. No prompting (-q) can also be selected.

If path is given, only changes to path will be copied.

Default Options

Default options can be set on most SnapshotCM commands. See wco(1) for details.

If the working directory is a mapped workspace, the target-snapshot and host will default to the mapped snapshot. The source-snapshot defaults to the parent of the target-snapshot.

Use a single dot (".") for the target-snapshot in order to default it and still enter a path.


Process conflicting snapshot changes. Requires -N option to merge content conflicts.
Operate on snapshots on host.
Prompt with a long format listing of differences.
Print normal output and do normal prompting, but do not perform copy.
Name the workspace to use for file content merging.
Prompt with only the path names of items with differences.
Don't print or prompt with differences. -y is assumed.
Recursively copy changes to items in the hierarchy rooted at path.
Process source snapshot changes.
Specify the snapshot from which to copy changes.
Print internal version and exit.
Do not prompt for confirmation. Conflict changes are skipped.


Exit status is 0 for success, 1 for error in copying a change, and >1 if there was a bad option or a network error.

See Also

sscompare(1) , sscopy(1) , sscreate(1) , sslist(1) , sspromote(1) , ssremove(1) , ssrename(1) , wci(1) , wco(1) , whist(1) , wls(1) , wmap(1) , wmerge(1) , wremove(1) , wrename(1) , wset(1) , wupdate(1) .

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