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ssremove - permanently delete projects or snapshots


ssremove -h host [-fnqV] path ...


Use ssremove to permanently delete a project or snapshot. Removing a snapshot permanently removes from the database the state that it uniquely represents. Be careful out there!

A project or snapshot with child snapshots cannot be removed.

Default Options

Default options can be set on most SnapshotCM commands. See wco(1) for details.


Force, do not prompt for confirmation of the delete.
Operate on snapshots on host.
Display normal output but do not perform the operation. Most error checking still occurs.
Quiet, suppress normal output on success.
Print internal version and exit.


Exit status is 0 on success, 1 on failure and >1 if there was a bad option or a network error.

See Also

sscompare(1) , sscopy(1) , sscreate(1) , sslist(1) , sspromote(1) , ssrename(1) , ssupdate(1) , wci(1) , wco(1) , whist(1) , wls(1) , wmap(1) , wmerge(1) , wremove(1) , wrename(1) , wset(1) , wupdate(1) .

Table of Contents