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sslist - display snapshots


sslist [-CfHPrRV] [-Q addr] [-t delay] [-h host [[-dX] path]]


sslist displays SnapshotCM servers, projects and snapshots. By default, all projects on all servers on the local subnet are displayed.

Default Options

Default options can be set on most SnapshotCM commands. See wco(1) for details.


Show snapshot description.
Display specified snapshot rather than its children.
Show snapshot freeze state.
Print information only for host.
Do not print server names in the output.
Do not print project names in the output. This option is ignored if an explicit path is specified.
When displaying descriptions, suppress extra info. Use as

sslist -dqC | ssadmin -C-

to allow easy copying of a snapshot description from one snapshot to another.

Specify a specific host address to query for servers instead of the local subnet. Add -Q+ to also perform default queries when specifying an address. Repeat to query multiple addresses or hostnames. This can be useful to add to the default options file if sslist does not normally find all servers of interest, or to specify which of multiple LAN cards to query on.
List successor relationships of release snapshots.
Recursively display the snapshots.
Specify the number of seconds to wait for responses before exiting. This option is ignored if an explicit host is specified.
Print internal version and exit.
Print full snapshot paths in output.


Exit status is 0 on success, 1 on failure and >1 if there was a bad option or a network error.

See Also

sscompare(1) , sscopy(1) , sscreate(1) , sspromote(1) , ssremove(1) , ssrename(1) , ssupdate(1) , wci(1) , wco(1) , whist(1) , wls(1) , wmap(1) , wmerge(1) , wremove(1) , wrename(1) , wset(1) , wupdate(1) .

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