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cmadmin - perform routine SnapshotCM database administration operations


cmadmin [-hHost] [-q] -[l|u]
cmadmin [-hHost] [-q] -L "License"]
cmadmin -V


cmadmin provides the synchronization necessary to allow a backup to obtain a complete and consistent state of the SnapshotCM database and archive files. Without this synchronization, the database or archive files may change during a backup, resulting in a corrupted state in the backup.

The backup strategy is to:

(1) lock the database to block all modification operations that would corrupt the backup,
(2) backup the database and archive files, and then
(3) release the modification lock.
During the modification lock, read-only operations are allowed to continue, and modify operations are blocked. The blocked operations will continue once the modification lock is released.

cmadmin also allows you to install a new license into your database.


Operate on the database running on Host. If omitted, the default is to use the local host.
-L License
Install a new license.
Lock the server against modification operations. Read access is still allowed. Modify operations will block until the server is unlocked.
Quiet mode. Do not display the "database locked" or "database unlocked" messages.
Unlock the server and allow modification operations to continue.
Print internal version.

Return Value

Exit status is 0 if the operation succeeded, 1 if there was an error performing the operation, and 2 if there was a bad option.


Backup the database running on cmvault by locking the database, doing the backup, and then releasing the lock:

cmadmin -hcmvault -l
tar cvf /tmp/BACKUP /var/opt/softcm
cmadmin -hcmvault -u

See Also

cmaccount(1) , cmacl(1) , cmconfig(1)

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