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Quickly access past or present states of your team's code—with confidence

Visual Interaction: Use the project release graph (shown at right) to perform project-level branching, merging, comparing and tagging. With direct graphical display and manipulation of your releases and their relationships, combined with our no-wait performance, you get your CM tasks done quickly. And because it's visual, you can have confidence you've done what you wanted, even if version management is a part-time task. more »

Powerful Workspaces: This confidence becomes more important as the complexity of your configuration increases. Which is why our workspaces provide all the flexibility and power you need. Even if you need access to multiple projects, or multiple versions of your projects simultaneously in one workspace, the setup is quick and easy. Even if you need to get back to an old project release, it's as simple as any other workspace set up: just select the project release snapshot to put into your workspace. And since each snapshot remembers everything (all changes, even deletes), you have confidence you are getting what you want, first time, every time, no matter which project version you are accessing. more »

Command-line: The full-featured command-line provides scripting access for integration with automated build systems, allowing you all the power and flexibility you need to automate your processes, even maintaining multiple builds at different revisions levels. view manual pages »

Low administration: It's also nice to understand that SnapshotCM mostly takes care of itself. Even the tasks you need to do are easy using the SnapshotCM GUI. Quick installs, easy updates, low overhead. Confidence.

Bottom line: You can be a very part-time version control engineer and still have confidence using SnapshotCM for your CM tasks.